Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Austin Thomas :: 2 Years Old

Just now posting this….but wrote it a LONG time ago!

Again, for my mommy records I want to have all of the major milestones/birthdays documented. Here is the update on our favorite little 2 year old boy:

Austin Thomas at 2 Years old

Height: 36.25inches (94%)
Weight: 24.3lbs (9%) 

The boy is staying true to his baby days - still tall and skinny!
Austin is quite the talker for a 2 year old. He just talks and talks all day long - he'll point out thigns, ask questions, talk to himself or whoever will listen. We love it!

I wanted to write down a few of his Austin phrases at 2. Here are a few things he says:
What is that?
Right there over there right there - he says this when pointing something out
Airplane up in the sky
Oh man
I'm here - One day I was outside visiting and Austin ran outside after his nap and announced to the entire neighborhood "I'm HERE"
That my baba - I reference to his milk
That mine
Meese (please)
Where is my (fill in the blank)? He's always asking..."where is mater, where is my water, where is my puzzle, where are my shoes"

Touch baby Lauren feet
He can count to about 18, which is the number of stairs we have and how we practice counting
He can sing his ABCs but i'm not totally sure that he actually knows what he is singing

Austin's Day
Wake up around 7:30/8
Sippy Cup of Milk
Play around the house or outside (Preschool 9-1 Tues and Thurs)
Another Cup of Milk
Nap 1-4ish
Play outside until dinner and bed
Bath and bed 8ish

Favorite Eats:
Carbs(pretzels, chips, goldfish bunnies, Cheerios or cereal in a cup)
Almond butter on a spoon
Applesauce in a squishy pack
Chick fila
Hot dogs
Will eat peas and carrots but doesn't love veggies
Sometimes likes fruit sometimes doesn't

Favorite Things to Do:
Ride strider bike
Draw with chalk outside
Ride his scooter

Put together puzzles
Play with Cars 

Anything outside
Ride with Dad in Bronco
Books - Favorites right now: Farm Animals and Goodnight Moon
Driving Emmi's Jeep
Play with his Home Depot tool set
Play with Dexter
Play at the splash pad
Touch baby Lauren's feet
Draw : chalk crayons markers
Music - Call Me Maybe is still a fav ;)
Play on iPad

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